"I've been meaning to email you in response about your clarity session you did for me!

First off, THANK YOU! I know we had a couple hiccups before we actually got around to talking, and thank you for being so patient and accommodating! 

About the clarity session: It was so wonderful! You radiate such love and calmness. Talking to you felt so easy and natural, I felt like we could have talked for hours! Your advice felt spot on, and it was delivered in such a gentle and reassuring way, which is exactly what I needed. After we were done talking, I felt so much more clear-headed, calm, and I had a renewed positive outlook on my life situation. Also, the write up you emailed me after our session was so above and beyond anything I expected. I can't believe you did all that work for me for free! I went into our clarity session having no idea what to expect, and I came out being so thankful and grateful I had the opportunity to talk to you. I am definitely interested in doing another longer session with you in the future. :)"

-A.B. (Clarity Session)

"I had been trying to deal with a feeling of disconnect or block with the universe for quite some time.  I was to a point where I felt I had tried everything and was just plain stuck.  Raven's offer of a Clarity Session was perfect timing.  I filled out the short questionnaire and scheduled a phone call. Literally seven minutes into our conversation Raven had answers and solutions for me.  We did an exercise together and I remember telling Raven that I felt like a hundred pound weight had been lifted off of my shoulders!  I felt lighter, calmer and much, much better!  After our phone session she emailed me a recap and attached a hand out with steps for me to take to getting present and clearing unpleasantness that have changed my life.

From beginning to end I felt a connection, trust and in capable hands with Raven.  What a wonderful feeling and a gift for someone who is feeling lost and stuck.  I will be forever grateful and look forward to continuing my relationship with Raven."

-SK (Clarity Session)

"I wanted to thank you for today's session. It was all and more than I thought it would be...It was good to get all my issues out to someone with so much inspiration, understanding, knowledge and so well spoken.  I look forward to working together."

-Lisa (Healing and Coaching Session)

"I loved it, Raven. Dreaming is a subject I always been interested in. Your first issue was extremely informative. I want more so I renewed...I'm already looking forward to the next chapter."

-Cheryl (Sacred Space Journal)

"Raven's reading restored my faith in the light and spirit, and the connection we have to all things great and small. Raven is warm, thorough, and obviously extremely sensitive and intuitive. I look forward to working with her many times in the future."

-Carol (Tarot Reading)

"Hi Raven, I meant to email you earlier, but I just wanted to say that I am loving the Faerie's Nature Oracle deck so far!  It has such a good energy to it, and I've found it easy to read with.  The spreads in the book are great, and I've also used it with Tarot spreads for good results.  The deck packaging and handwritten note were also very sweet.  And thanks for sharing the video of your pets – they're adorable!  Thanks for putting so much care into this project; ever part of it is great, and I definitely feel like it was worth my money.  Great job overall!"

-A.S. (Faerie's Nature Oracle)

"Raven, Darling. Sweet, sweet child of spirit. I don't even have words for how accurate this reading is? Like . . . *sits here in awe* I read this Saturday and just sat on the floor sobbing for a minute (I may have been over-exhausted and emotionally compromised from lack of food/sleep/physical exertion, but hey), and I needed a minute to get myself back to a place where I could rationalize everything and really soak it all in.

...Thank you so, SO much for this. I don't really have words to express my thanks, but please know that I am so beyond grateful and blessed to have met you and grow in myself with your guidance as help. It means so much to me."

-A.L. (Tarot Reading)

"Thank you so, so much for this reading! ...This reading really hit home for me on a lot of accounts...I've been looking at the reading every day since I received it and just marveling on how strongly each piece of it resonates with me.  Thank you."

-Shelby (Tarot Reading)

"Thank so much, each day I see what my spirit guide has mentioned. Clouds show me a bird flying. I see a red wing black bird on the golf course all the time yapping at me. He tells me to look up to the sky, each time it’s a black bird or crow-like bird in cloud form...thank you."

-Elizabeth (Mediumship Reading)

"Thank you for this...dead on, and very helpful...love the way it connected...love the tips, stones, essential oils...thank you so much. Great read!"

-Cathy (Tarot Reading)

"Oh wow! That reading is absolutely spot on! ...I LOVED this reading! Thank you so much! I'm so excited to be getting this deck! Thank you so much for creating it, & for reading for me!"

-Vicky (Faerie Oracle Reading and Faerie Oracle Pre-Order)

"Raven, your tarot card reading was top-notch and each card selected was totally on point. Your relaxed, warm, professional and knowledgeable demeanor instantly set me at ease and I felt like I could really touch you. I appreciate the time you took to show me each card and to explain its' meaning; it really helped me to be able to understand my reading on a deeper level.  When you added in your intuition,  you blew me away."

-Nola (Tarot Reading)

"Hi Raven, Thank you for a fabulous reading! The depth of the reading really helped me say “Hello” to many aspects of what is happening in my life now. The reading also gave me supportive insight as to what energy, situations, and whom was influencing and / or supporting the different aspects of my life.  There were many messages / insight’s that illuminated my relationship arena’s that were priceless. Funny how I subconsciously knew things yet when we hear it in great context it helps us let go and move along our path with more ease, grace and a lot more awareness.

Today tied in several aspects of your reading & and what was interesting was HOW they showed up. Great accuracy!

Thanks for the illumination & clarity & great reading!"

-Paul Walton (Tarot Reading)

"Thank you so much! It's amazing. It speaks to me on a level I've never experienced. Thank you so much."

-H. (Tarot Reading)