I am here to be the midwife for your rebirth.

As soul-centered and ambitious people, we get stuck in interesting ways. I've been there. Knee-deep in emotional and spiritual muck, crying out for help, bone-tired. Desperate for an ounce of enlightenment. 

Over the years I reached out for help. I grew. And I also collected tools along the way. I thought that I was doing all of this for myself. Then I realized that everything I'd learned, acquired, and practiced, was usually more valuable once placed in another person's hands, and that most people already have all the tools that they require. What they really want, that I can provide, is guidance.

Today I wear the mantle of Spiritual Guide. I will not point you where to go. I will walk with you. I will empower you to take this journey exactly as your soul craves to.

Here's what I've learned...

We want room to grow. We want to be held accountable. We want heart and soul restoration. 

Sometimes there's a bigger picture to be seen and appreciated. Whether you're grappling with the relationship you have with yourself, or the space that you're holding for others, I promise you that there's always a way forward. 

I understand that some transformations take time.

We might bear similar wounds, but not everyone can take the same medicine.

So I offer this to you: A highly personalized program. We'll work together for 2 Months, with weekly calls (or Skype sessions), and you'll discover the tools you've always had. You'll also be provided with every tool you desire to thrive. I will hold you accountable. I will walk with you.

I'm inviting you to connect with yourself - your past, present, and future - in a transformative, nurturing, and healing setting.

If this sounds like just what you're looking for, submit your name and email through the form below, and we'll get started.

If you feel that 2 months is way more time than you need, then I invite you to explore the other ways we can work together. 

There are Spirited Solutions if you're a self-starter, readily available sessions if you need short-term one-on-one support, and half-day or full-day intensives if you desire an immersive experience.

Here's to you. Your life of joy, expansion, and love, is happening now.