Five Forever Decks

Can a girl get by with only five tarot decks!? I mean, sure, if I had to. If the situation was dire. It's not something that I like to think about often, but being that I have more than 12 decks (I haven't counted in a while...) I thought it was certainly worth pondering. I recently saw Kelly Bear on YouTube share the five decks (if she had to choose) that she couldn't live without

Turns out, narrowing down my collection to five forever decks was hard, but doable. Check out the video below to get a little tour through my picks.

If you've collected a few decks yourself, I encourage you to try this activity, and make a video while you're at it! 

And subscribe to my channel if you can't get enough tarot - I'll be adding reviews and walkthroughs of every deck I own over the coming weeks.