Change of Course: A Tarot Spread for Detours

Not all readers are comfortable looking at the future, or likely outcomes.

I am. My experience with mediumship has been that Spirit loves to talk about the future. It keeps things exciting - especially when the prediction is revealed in shocking and often hilarious ways...but then there's a flipside. Sometimes the future that we're shown doesn't come to pass at all.

Yikes. Now what? Doubt, fear, uncertainty, all kinds of nasty emotions can quickly become swept up when a prediction falls through.

Of course the future is fluid, and as a reader I warn all of my clients that we're given snapshots in time. Free will, and people acting differently than they normally do, each contribute to altering the future as we've "seen" it.

Even knowing this, I still stomp my feet a little when what I've heard from my guides (and what has been confirmed and echoed back from other readers and intuitives) fails to manifest where and when I was suspecting it to.

Here's the important thing to remember: Just because something didn't happen where, when, or the way you thought it would - that doesn't mean that you, your guides, or the other readers were wrong. In that moment...they were right. 

How boring would life be if everything we envisioned happened exactly as we expected?

What good is a journey through life if everything is predetermined?

If something changed, I promise you - it was for a good reason. And it was for the better.

Still, I understand the disappointment. Believe me. I also understand wanting an explanation. To this end, I designed a simple 3-card spread to help myself, and hopefully you, get some answers.

1: The Detour: This is why the thing didn't (or did) happen. The reason that it all changed.

2: The New Destination: This is the new prediction, so that you can re-orient yourself.

3: The Trip: This is what's going on in the meantime. 

I hope this helps you as it has helped me.