The "G" Word

It’s been a little while, but I used to regularly get on Periscope*, and every now and then during a broadcast someone would ask me if I believed in God.

I’m not certain why people were compelled to ask me this, but I can hazard a guess that it came to their minds when I would say things like:

“Connect to the Universe/Source/Your Higher Self/God/Whatever your chosen higher power…”

Sure. I can see how that might make my spiritual/religious footing a bit ambiguous. That, and me rambling on about angels, faeries, dead people, and being psychic. Yeah.

And it’s not a bad question! Should it be relevant to how other people value me? I don’t think so, but I can’t assume that everyone is going to look at me like the scum of the Earth if I speak my opinion. Maybe people are just curious?

So, I want to give everyone whoever asked me “Do you believe in God?” the benefit of the doubt. I want to answer that question now.

Do I believe in God?

If you’re coming from a Christian, or other organized religious background, then No. I don’t believe in God as you might be defining him.

I don’t believe that God is a man responsible for the creation of the universe, and us, and I don’t believe that he really gives a damn about who we sleep with, what we eat, or even how we treat each other. This is why I never default to using the word “God” when I start talking about “higher” powers, because it has the well-worn connotation of being the Christian God, and I’m sorry, I need to differentiate.

Because the God that I think of, if I slip and use the word, is not one thing. It does not have an agenda in the way that we might think of it, and it is not a “higher” power. 

Ready for this? Hang on…God is us. We are God. I’m just getting started - stay with me.

We created the universe, this Earth. Why? So we could understand ourselves better, so we could give ourselves a game with a few limiting rules, a timer (we all die…but not really), and so that we could have fun.

Did I lose you? 

In a Bible Studies class in college I learned that “God” gave its name as “Yahweh” -  I am.

Holy shit.


If that doesn’t strike a chord for you then nevermind, let’s move on, but if it makes you feel like you could cry, and you’re not really sure why there is such a strong emotion running through you, then I think you might understand what I’m getting it.

Look, I’m not the only one who believes this, but I’ll try to explain my position a bit better. I’m not sure how other people have arrived at a similar understanding, but for me there was always a revulsion to the word and concept of “God” as it is traditionally taught.

I found my preferred reflection of God in sunlight, in cats, in a much-needed hug, trees, dreams, and in music. Now as a medium, I have experienced what is, to me, undeniable proof of life after death. I have seen first-hand how the information that comes from Spirit is loving, and true. For me, and many others, reincarnation is just a fact of life (or death- oh I am so funny). And when you get down to particulars, we are Spirit, only we’re on the other side of the veil at this time, having a human experience because we can.

Spirit doesn’t talk about a big guy over there on the other side, directing traffic, and passing judgment. It talks about how there is a Source, which is the embodiment of love. And we are all a part of it.

So why, historically, have we made “God” a thing separate from us? Better than? Wiser? More powerful?

Because it scares the living crap out of us that we might be creators, and that we are responsible for everything that happens to us.

Yes, that’s scary. But it’s also liberating.

I realize I might come off a bit like I have a god-complex with this little rant, but I would disagree. In my mind,  I am no different from you.

In my personal philosophy, there are no hierarchies. I don’t even feel that Angels are necessarily more-than we are.

They’re simply at a different position on a spectrum of light. Like the spectrum of colors…there is no better, there is no worse. It’s all horizontal, and depending on how high or low the vibration you get a different result, right? I feel it’s the same with Spirit, with us, with God. If light vibrates higher, it appears to be a different color, but it's really just light to begin with, and end with.

Extend that to us, and Spirit. If our energy vibrates higher, then are we no longer us? Or are we still ourselves, but in a different form?

Before I really go off on a tangent here, I want to reiterate: I don’t believe in the Christian God. I feel that the specific interpretation of God as “other” is a safeguard against responsibility, against love, and against power.

I believe that “God” if we have to use that word, is us, is you, is me. Literally. We made this sandbox of a universe, and now we’re kicking around in it, trying our hardest to understand ourselves, each other (and if we’re all the same then am I not just a reflection of you? And vice versa?), and love. 

Do I believe in God?

I believe in, and that, I AM

And so are you.

 (*Regarding Periscope, you can follow me @RaeMagill - I may hop back on now that I have a really lovely room to broadcast from. And actually, let me know what you’d want to talk about!)