The Snapshot: My Personal Daily Draw

Daily draws used to stress me out.

I'm serious.

I've tried drawing one-card, but didn't feel like I got enough information. I've tried drawing three, but without positions, I blanked in a distressing way. It never happens with client readings...why should it be so hard to read for myself?

For a while I read with Past-Present-Future positions, but even that felt incomplete.

Here's the good news! I've finally settled on a daily draw spread that meets my needs (doesn't stress me out), and gives me a beautiful heads-up on where my focus might be needed. And I want to share it with you. 

It's super simple.

You draw four cards, but I recommend reading the fourth card - the Theme, first.

The Theme is, naturally, the theme of the reading or the day. It gives you immediate context for what the cards want to talk about.

The Underlying Issue can also be looked at as the conflict, or the problem. It's the specific thing that needs your attention, contemplation, or acknowledgement.

The Present State gives you a look at the surface of the situation. In my readings it tends to be like a reflection of myself. To outer appearances, this is what's going on.

The Action/Improvement is a card that gives you guidance for how to remedy that pesky underlying issue.

So here's how a reading might look. I drew some hypothetical cards.

This is the Linestrider Tarot - isn't it beautiful?

This is the Linestrider Tarot - isn't it beautiful?

4: Theme:

The Lovers. (Again, even though this is the last card drawn, I like to read it first.) It looks like this is a reading about a partnership. The next card (first card) should elaborate.

1: Underlying Issue: 

Five of Wands. Yowch. This is a partnership that's in conflict - though I could also see this reading referencing a conflict that the reader is viewing from the outside, and which is affecting them personally. Let's go with that interpretation.

2: Present State:

Two of Swords. Indecision. Perhaps this reader doesn't want to take a side, even though they feel the pull coming from each corner?

3: Action/Improvement:

Nine of Wands. In this example, the advice seems to point towards keeping your head down, minding your own business, and focusing on your own work and accomplishments.

...and there it is! A beautiful little snapshot that lets the universe give you a nudge towards something that requires your attention. If you try it out, let me know how it works for you.