How I Use Crystals - Chakra Healing

If you follow me on Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook, you've probably noticed that I post a lot of pictures of my crystals.

They're important to me. They're not just beautiful things that I've collected. I see them as potent spiritual tools. I use crystals to...

  • Enhance meditation
  • Influence the energy of my space
  • Support a particular emotion
  • Help manifest my goals
  • Open, balance, and heal my chakras

I wear them during the day to help me feel more connected to the divine, or to give me energy and motivation, and I sleep with one or two under my pillow to give my dreams some direction.

I even enjoy the occasional gem-elixir!

But today I want to talk about how I first starting using crystals to support my spiritual journey. That's when I became particularly drawn to them, and I feel that my connection to Spirit really started taking off once I began using them to support my spiritual health.

Outside of general meditation with crystals, I have spent a lot of time using them to balance the health of my chakras.

It's simple, but it also requires that you be open and willing to explore what might be impacting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Here's how I do it:

  1. Select a crystal to work with each chakra (see below)
  2. Take three deep breaths to release tension and anxiety.
  3. Hold that crystal to the location of the chakra I intend to work with.
  4. Feel the energy of the crystal, postulate what my chakra looks like currently, and open myself up to perception.

While I'm holding the crystal to my third eye, or my crown, for example, I continue breathing deeply and "listening" for any input that I get from my guides or the universe. Sometimes it's an image. Sometimes it's a word, or a sensation. If I hold an amethyst to my third eye and I feel a tugging sensation, and a tingling, I take that to mean that my chakra is a little closed up and cluttered. 

If, instead, I were to feel energy radiating from my third eye, then I take that to mean that the chakra is doing a-ok!

Keep pen and paper near you so that you can take note of any strange images or sensations you experience that don't make immediate sense.

Quick Story: Reiki treatments can be a little bit like this. I had one recently where my husband, a Reiki master, was healing my throat chakra and I started to tear up, not knowing exactly why. He asked me if I saw anything, and I did. I usually do. I saw cherry blossom petals. He asked me what that meant to me, and I knew immediately that the blockage there was about my father. We took a memorable family trip to Washington D.C. one year to see the cherry blossoms blooming when I was a kid.

I hadn't told my father that I was a medium yet, and I was agonizing over when to do it, how to do it, or if to do it at all. 

So pay attention to the images that are given to you as you try to heal your chakras! They're important. They're not random. You may need some time to sort them out, but I promise, they're significant.

If you're interested in my personal recommendation for which crystals to use on which chakras, you can access that list as a free gift when you sign up for my newsletter.

Let the crystals do their work as you hold them to each chakra point, and you can help them along by simply being cognizant of what the blockages are rooted in.

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