Mediumship Message Interpretation 101

Some Mediums deliver their messages as if the words were being spoken directly into their ear. They might say, “Your Grandmother says that she’s worried about your current path in life. You need to stand up for yourself.”

Some Mediums deliver their messages as if they are watching a silent film. They might say, “I see a small boy, wearing a baseball cap, and he’s running down the sidewalk in an urban neighborhood.”

Some Mediums deliver their messages as descriptions of feelings. They might say, “Spirit is giving me pain in my chest, and sadness.”

How a message is delivered is all dependent on how the particular Medium receives their information, and whether they choose to interpret what they see/hear/feel before delivering the message to their client.

I do my best not to interpret what Spirit communicates to me, because I believe that it muddies the message, so to speak.

As a primarily clairvoyant Medium, most of the messages I deliver are done in images. While this doesn’t always give a crystal-clear answer to a question right away, it does often result in very deep, and very poignant messages. When you are given an answer in image-form, it can be literal, or it can be symbolic. Sometimes it’s both!

Because images, symbols, and metaphors can be difficult to interpret, I’ve put together a little step-by-step to help you get the most out of your mediumship reading.

Go with Your Gut Reaction

Think of each message as a small puzzle. One of the easiest ways to solve these puzzles is by paying attention to what the image makes you think of. It’s almost like word association. If a Medium tells you that they see a bird in a nest, with three baby birds cuddled up to it, and that makes you think of yourself as a mother, with your three kids, then that is very likely the meaning of that symbol.

Ask Yourself Questions

Is the message literal?

If it’s not literal, how do you connect with the image or message figuratively?

How do you connect with the symbol/description/scene overall?

Does it trigger a memory? A dream? Does it represent some aspect or process in your life?

What does this symbol mean in general?

For example, Lions are commonly thought of as symbols of strength. If you asked a Medium what it is that you needed to do to advance in your career, and they described to you a lion, roaring, then the “answer” might be that you need to exhibit a Lion’s strength. Stand stall. Be confident. Make sure that you are heard.

If a person is described, ask yourself: Do I recognize this person as a friend or a relative? Do I recognize them as a deceased loved one?

Let the Messages Sink In

Before you decide that nothing makes sense, give the messages some time. Many Mediums recommend that you give anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks of time before deciding whether a reading has been helpful or not.

If people are described, and you don’t recognize them, allow for the possibility that you haven’t met them yet.

I have heard many times now that it took a week or more for a message to finally click, and make sense. Also, I have known people who find that messages continue to resonate even a year after they were delivered.

A note about clairsentient information – feelings and sensations:

When I get sensations and I relate them to a client in a reading (like pain, or tingling) it's usually either a signal for how someone passed, or it's something that I'm picking up from the client. What it means depends on how the client connects with that information. For example, if I relate that Spirit is giving me the sensation of fluid-filled lungs, here are some things to consider: Have you ever had pneumonia? Been really sick? Almost drowned? Do you have a fear of drowning? Or, are you metaphorically "drowning" in stress, or work, or some other situation?

Overall, no matter what the message is, the key is to think about it in terms of your own life experiences, your past, your present, your dreams, and the future as you envision it. If something doesn’t make sense immediately:

Go with your gut reaction.

Ask yourself questions.

Give it time.

And I promise that the answers you were looking for will be revealed. These answers might not be exactly what you hoped for, but they will be exactly what you need.