Getting Comfortable With Nightmares

All my life I was plagued with nightmares. Though I don't remember the ones that I had when I was a child, I very vividly remember the ones that started to crop up when I was in my teens, and many of them reoccurred for years and years - until just recently.

Killing people, and being killed. Attacking people, and being attacked. Needing help, calling for help, and getting no answer. Losing my loved ones. Animals being hurt. Dark entities stalking me. These nightmares ran the gamut, and deeply disturbed me. It got to the point that I needed help because I dreaded going to sleep, and I dreaded feeling so helpless.

I had the great opportunity of volunteering myself to a group of practicing Mediums. So I put the question to them: What is going on with these Nightmares? Are they just subconscious gunk, or are they something I should be paying attention to?

The overwhelming answer was that yes, nightmares are the gunk brought to the surface, but they're much more than that. My guides and angels wanted me to pay closer attention to them. Write them down.

I'll admit, I despaired a little. My first thought was that I would have to examine the nightmares more closely to try and figure out exactly why I was having them. What was the message? What does it mean that I tortured someone to death in a dream? 

And I was not looking forward to that. I hadn't figured out what they meant up until that point. What could possibly change by me recalling all of the details, and writing everything down?

But I did it anyway. I started writing down my nightmares every morning, in full detail, even as I cringed to do it.

No one could have been more surprised than me, though, when the nightmares started to change.

The horrible things that happened in my dreams didn't cease to happen all at once. Instead, the nightmares slowly started to evolve. One common nightmare I used to have was that a man would attack me, and I wouldn't be able to run fast enough. Or I would go to scream, and no sound would come out of my mouth. 

But after a few nights of recording the really bad dreams, each reoccurring nightmare started to show some leeway. I was finally able to scream in my dreams when someone was coming after me. I'll never forget waking up from one nightmare where I successfully ran away from my assailant. They never caught me!

This began to happen more and more frequently until the nightmares ceased altogether. I don't think I'm done with nightmares entirely, there's obviously more that I need to learn from them, but I believe that paying attention to them was a crucial first step.

So if you suffer from nightmares, and you're not sure what to do, try this: Get close to them. Get comfortable. Acknowledge them, and allow them. They're a message after all, and the tighter you close your eyes, the harder you shake your head, and the more you keep your hands over your ears - whoever is trying to deliver this message to you is just going to scream it louder.

Take the first step to getting past the nightmares. 

Write them down. You don't have to figure out what they mean just yet. 

Wishing you sweeter dreams.