Where Fairy Tales Meet Reality

A couple of weeks ago I was bedridden. I can easily say I was in the worst pain of my entire life. I could not sit, stand, or walk, so getting to the car and to an urgent care center (only to have to wait for more than an hour just to get a prescription for pain meds) was out of the question. Going to the E.R. was also not happening because I knew exactly what the problem was, and to go the surgery-route was not desirable.

The only option I felt I could pursue was to wait it out. I think I was bedridden for approximately four days before I started to get better, and during that time I tried energy work, I tried Excedrin and Acetaminophen and Tylenol. I rotated the OTC pain relievers and probably did irreparable harm to my liver anyway. None of them really helped. 

I prayed. I bargained.

I'm not the kind of person that prays, and even less the kind of person who attempts to bargain with higher powers. But, I had reached a point where I felt that was my only hope. Somewhere in my haze of desperation I confessed to my husband that I was seriously considering promising our first-born child to the Fae if they would help me out with this.

My husband was stunned. "No. Don't even joke about that," he said.

I laughed it off, but realized that I didn't know if that was really a thing or not. The idea of course is that the Spirit you invoked takes your child away at birth, and you never see them again. But was that really how it would work?

Could you promise your first-born to a Spirit in exchange for a favor?

After I had fully recovered, the question came back to mind, and with it - an idea. Several of my guides are either faeries, or connected to faeries. I could just ask them!

And I did. This is what they had to say on the matter. But before I go into that, in the interest of full disclosure I have one more story. This morning I had a quick chat with them (via Tarot) regarding whether it was okay for me to share the information they gave me. 

I got the all clear (literally), but with a caveat: "We didn't tell you the whole story."

Fair enough, friends. So what I have to share here is the truth as I understand it. And while it may be wholly true, it's not the whole story. 

When I asked my guides if it was possible to promise your first-born to the Fae in exchange for a favor, or gift, this is what they showed me: An image of a woman wearing American colonial-era clothing, holding a baby bundle. She was standing at the edge of a forest, kneeling, and holding up the bundled baby. Two Faeries came out of the forest and touched the baby's forehead, leaving a light there on its skin, and then disappeared back into the woods. 

The rest of the conversation was more claircognizance than it was clairvoyance, so I'll try my best to explain:  It's not so much that you child is taken away from you - it's more that...your child is entered into a partnership. When that child grows up, they will have a closer connection to Faeries than most people do. They may never be aware of it, but essentially, it's easier for them to get nudged by the Fae world to do certain things.

Now what sort of things would the Fae want a human to do? 

  • Take care of the Earth's creatures
  • Look after the environment
  • Spread joy
  • Help other people to learn important lessons in that uniquely Fae-way
  • Etc.

In essence, the parent is saying: You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours by giving you permission to guide my child.

To be clear: I believe in free will. If the "promised" child doesn't want to do any of the things that the Fae nudge them to do, I don't think there's anything that can be done about. Just because your godmother buys you dance lessons, and wants you to be a dancer, doesn't mean that you're definitely going to be performing with the Russian ballet. However, she might instill you with a love for dance all the same. 

So it's a little more complicated than just giving a child to the Fae. It's more like sponsorship. Or even apprenticeship. But the child may never be fully aware of it.

Disclaimer: I do not recommend exchanging favors for children with any Spirit. There are other, simpler ways of connecting to Faeries and getting what you want, which need not have anything to do with one another. Also, from what I understand, not all of the Fae are love and light 24/7. There's a balance to everything, and I don't think you get to control who comes to sponsor your child when you go to strike that bargain. So is it a wise choice? Probably not. 

Also, for the record, I could not find any fairy tales, folk tales, or old stories that explicitly described this scenario - where a parent promised their first-born child to the Fae. If you know of any, please share! However, there were plenty of stories about Faeries stealing children, but I don't think that's the same thing. Most fairy tales replace the Faeries with a Witch, or something else.

Still, it's a concept that exists in my psyche, and in our imaginations at least. The idea that someone can promise their first-born to (insert person or Spirit here) in exchange for (insert fantastic favor or gift here) - I wonder where it came from!