Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Someone wants you to hear this.

Two steps forward, one step back.

It looks frustrating from the outside, but this is still progress!

When we decide to make big changes in our lives, or take big steps, the process often looks a little something like this: We intend to create something new and good for ourselves. We fail, sometimes in a small way, sometimes in a big way. We come to terms with this failure, we find some measure of peace. We worry. What if we fail again? What if we are wasting our time? Until something shifts. We are given some big break, some blessing, some lesson finally makes sense.

There’s that delicious euphoria that comes from being wholly in alignment with what we love to do, and what we actively do.

That’s when we can work magic.

All of that cyclical mess in the middle: failure, peace, worry, epiphany, it’s necessary...but only up to a point. If you’ve done it once, you’ve technically done it enough. But many of us will repeat this cycle scores of times, because it’s hard to take failure in stride. It’s hard to toss away nagging doubts and fears. In some ways, we’re addicted to the ups and downs.

But addictions can be dangerous. There’s a stigma, and perhaps rightfully so. So where do you start to make real change? How can you begin to step out of the pattern, and into the painting?

First, answer this question. Why are we here? When you see people at their very happiest, giving the most joy to everyone they encounter in the world, what are they doing?

They are sharing their gift, whatever that gift may be. Some people create beautiful music, others build the incredible instruments, and some still sell the tickets to the show with a smile on their face, and a helpful gesture towards where you can go to find your seat.

You may have the gift of a lovely voice, or talented fingers. Or, one of your gifts may be how you help others to find their way. The point is, when you focus on creating something that makes you happy, first and foremost, and then you give that to the world, everyone is happy. I like to think that's why we're here. To be happy.

Little else matters.

Mistakes and failures are opportunities to learn, but a step back need not kick off a long and tiresome cycle of doubt. After all, that cuts it into all that time we could have spent enjoying ourselves!

Zero in on your gift, your work, your creations. Start there and stay there for awhile. That is how you break patterns.