Mediumship Isn’t All About Dead People

Have you noticed that the really famous mediums (John Edwards, Theresa Caputo, etc.) only seem to connect with deceased loved ones? I think there are several reasons for this.

1. That might naturally be who they are aligned with.

Some people only want to work with angels, some people only want to work with deceased loved ones, and some people don’t even make a conscious choice but find that one group is more visible to them, and willing to work with them, than others.

2. The majority of people open to communication from the spirit world believe in ghosts (dead people).

Dragons, faeries, trolls, that’s another story.

3. The opportunities for validation are endless when it comes to deceased loved ones.

You can give an appearance, a name, a story that matches the memories of the person being read for. If you didn’t know me, and I came up to you and told you that your Aunt Josie, who had long red hair, and who once bought you a bike, was there in Spirit when your daughter Amelia was born - well, that makes sense, right? It’s hard to deny the facts.

But I’m writing this post to try and get the word out that it’s not just dead people.

Just about everyone knows that a medium can communicate with the dead. But the Spirit world isn’t made up solely of deceased relatives. There are energetic beings that take all kinds of forms, and who serve all kinds of roles in our lives. Lots of people believe in angels, and that’s great, and there are even plenty of people who believe in faeries, but what about minotaurs? Dragons? Unicorns? Trolls, gnomes, and dryads?

These are “mythological” creatures. Many people would say that they’re just fantasy. Products of wild imagination.

But I want to ask you to consider that dragons and dryads are as real as angels. As real as ghosts. And here is a great article related to the subject.

How do I know this? Well, in readings for others I have seen, felt, and delivered messages from deceased loved ones as well as from the more “fantastical” Spirits, including minotaurs, trolls, and faeries.

Let me tell you that it’s terrifying to tell someone that they have a guide or Spirit around them that doesn’t fit into the neat box of accepted/believable Spirits. But I’m not imagining or making up the presence of your deceased cousin (who you can validate), so why, when I see a faerie-dragon, should that spirit be a product of imagination?

I don’t believe it is. And the more I learn, and the more Spirits I interact with, the more I’m seeing an overwhelming number of Earth Spirits mixed in with angels and deceased loved ones.

So how do you validate a faerie? Well, one method of “proof” will be in the message. If they have guidance for you that’s spot-on to your situation, then why should the message be real, but the messenger be made-up?

The other way that I’m seeing Earth Spirits validated is with a sense of knowingWhen the ego has been shut up, what does the intuition say?

Not long ago I got a message for my mother. I saw her as a young girl, in the garden, and there was a small faerie with her. I got the name “Buttercup.” A few days later I told my mother this and she immediately started to cry. She had always felt a strange connection to the name Buttercup, she couldn’t explain it. But she felt the truth of it.

So please keep an open mind. If a medium tells you that there’s a dragon spirit who wants to work with you, or has a message for you, consider that angels (which perhaps you do believe in) have also at one point belonged to mythology.

If you’re out in the woods and you feel like the trees want to talk to you, listen.

If you’re sitting in your garden and you can hear singing, or you sense that there are some faeries hanging out in your Butterfly Bush, they would probably like for you to say hello.

Perhaps Shakespeare was speaking to a greater truth when Hamlet urged Horatio to expand his perceptions.