This Is Halloween!

I'm a little bit early, but honestly...close enough. In case you didn't know, all of October is now Halloween. It's only fair since Christmas gets two whole months.

Anyway, this is my favorite holiday (no big surprise there), and I want to celebrate by offering an oracle reading to you. In the Spirit of Halloween I let the darker messages in the cards come out today. Fair warning. If you'd prefer a fluffier reading, then this isn't it.

Just pick a card from the image below (go with your gut! Whichever one you're drawn to!) and then scroll down to that number and get your message.

Left-to-right, top-to-bottom: Faerie's Oracle, Fortune Telling Cards, Faerie's Nature Oracle, Raven's Prophecy Tarot, Les Cartes Infernales, Earthbound Oracle

Left-to-right, top-to-bottom: Faerie's Oracle, Fortune Telling Cards, Faerie's Nature Oracle, Raven's Prophecy Tarot, Les Cartes Infernales, Earthbound Oracle


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1.       Faerie’s Oracle

The Singer of Healing

It’s time. You’ve ignored the pain, ache, or unsettling feeling for far too long. This card is urging you to get clear on what needs to change. Is it time that you got to the bottom of why you are unwell, or is this the moment when you realize what is truly making you sick? It might not be the initial culprit you suspected. It may be a sneaky shady bystander, someone or something melded into the shadows just enough that it escaped your attention up until now. Whatever the case, a moment of clarity is at hand, and it starts in the heart. It’s time to get clear about your healing.




2.       Fortune Telling Cards

The Snake

Movies and books tend to help us frame our lives as being protagonists. We are the heroes. We are the ones who struggle against the bad guys, against moral injustice, against the world. But if we were all being heroes 100% of the time, then there wouldn’t be any villains. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you haven’t been the villain yourself – even just briefly. Have you threatened anyone, unconsciously or subconsciously caused fear, or pain, for another person. Even the good guys falter, and have self-serving moments. Take a look at your darker side so that you can make changes and amends, no matter how small they might be.




3.       Faerie’s Nature Oracle


The importance of being grounded is undeniable, but there’s also such a thing as too-grounded. You can be too concerned with material possessions. Too rooted in the present. Too focused on the luxury that’s in front of you. If you’ve been unable to take hold of a just-out-of-reach dream, then it’s time to jump. Let your feet and your mind leave the ground long enough for you to really connect with the dream you want to make into reality. If you’ve been starting at the wonderful things around you, but fail to feel fulfilled, then it’s time to leave some of that sweetness for someone else. Share it. Give it away. Seeing the joy it brings to another will help put color and enjoyment back into your life.




4.       Raven’s Prophecy Tarot

The World

The road is long -at the moment. But this is the good-kind-of-long. The kind that means you have plenty of time, there’s more to learn, more to do, more to experience. This card’s message is one of patience. You can’t have every wonderful thing all at once, in one big blast of awesome, because there’d be nothing else to look forward to. Everything you’re hoping for will come to you in time, one thing after another, as long as you enjoy the road that you’re on right now – and stop focusing on the road that you think you’ll be on next week.




5.       Les Cartes Infernales


It’s a strange thing, to scare yourself. Most people are familiar with accidentally doing it by accidentally turning off the bathroom light before they open the door, or walking into a low-hanging tree branch at night because they were looking at the ground. These kinds of scares are brief, quickly understood, and swiftly overcome. But we’re not talking about those kinds of scares. This card wants to talk about how you scare yourself when you react to something poorly, and the anger that bubbles up inside of you is dangerous. Almost on the surface. This is about how you scare yourself when you daydream about things that you wish you could do. Like hurting someone who has hurt you in the past. If you push aside this fright, cover it up with a thick cloak, you only give it darkness to feed on. It will grow uglier, bigger, and scarier as long as you protect it. So get it out. Kick out that fear into the sunshine, examine it, and extinguish it before the boogie monster that you created starts to create you in return.



6.       Earthbound Oracle


That saying: “When you fall off the horse, get back on!” is not applicable right now. Stay down. Tend to your wounds. Catch your breath, and regain your strength. Sometimes when we’re knocked low it’s because we need that perspective. We need the time to heal. So pay close attention to the color of your bruises and to how tired you get. If your muscles still ache, then stretch – but slowly! If you’re thirsty – then drink. The guidance here and now is that your energy is best spent attending to each small step of the healing process. A re-attempt of whatever brought on the injury in the first place is not necessary.  You’ll know when it’s time to get back on the horse, but that will come later.