I have good and bad news. Well, it's all kind of good news, really. First, what might be perceived as bad news: I am putting the Weekly Tarotscope on hold until December. I have a lot of good reasons for this. 

1. I have committed to a very big and important editing project.

2. I have committed to a very big and important writing project.

3. I need to take more time for me. More meditation. More relaxation. It might not seem like much, but doing the Weekly Tarotscope takes about an hour and a half out of one of my evenings, and an energetic toll as well. My time is pretty limited to begin with, so by skipping it I get a whole evening back.

However, if you were one of the what, four people, who actually read it...and you find yourself getting antsy, you can get some quick and affordable guidance by visiting my Fiverr shop. If you want something more in-depth, then my Etsy shop is the place to go to. I'm always happy to arrange for readings over Skype if you're unsure of the e-mail format. And hey, if you've never paid for a reading with me before, let me know that you would like one and I'll give you a huge discount...because I like you. And you read my blog.

All of my commitments will be fulfilled before December starts, and then the Weekly Tarotscope will be back on!

In the meantime, I would suggest that everyone takes a minute to think about their responsibilities and commitments, and consider whether one or more should take a backseat. There's nothing wrong with knowing your limits, and making more time for you.

Love and light.