Weekly Tarotscope: 10.6-10.12

This is kind of like playing the lotto, isn't it? Will the weekly tarotscope be about me this week? Who knows! You'll have to read to find out. Here we go.

Side note: Today I had my first "off" reading. It was very strange. I felt some things very clearly, and drew huge big blanks in other areas. I'm not very happy with it, but I'm willing to let it go. I'm not even sure if I did my best and there was just some strange interference going on, or if it was really just that my head wasn't in it. In any case, I was nervous about doing the Weekly Tarotscope today. However, it all clicked. It felt right. I used The Wildwood Tarot for this reading, and the more I use it, the more I love it.

The Woodward. This reading is for someone who is coming alive right now with the turning of the seasons. Someone filled with optimism and excitement. Someone who has an adventure coming up.

Four of Vessels - Boredom. I laughed when I flipped this card. It’s so painfully obvious that I can practically see you tapping one foot. Patience! Obviously it’s hard to wait for all of those exciting things, but you can’t forget to live in the present. Live right now, and not in the weeks coming up. When it gets here, you will enjoy it. For now, you should focus on enjoying THE NOW. Enjoy this week. Enjoy this day.

Two of Stones - Challenge.  There’s a lot going on for you, and some of it is undoubtedly stretching your capabilities. But I get the sense that you are revelling in it. This is good. This is coming across as a very positive card because you have a positive mindset on your situation. Continue to embrace the challenges this week.

Five of Stones - Endurance. Without a doubt there is going to be a lot going on around you. Some drama, some dust-up in particular. But this doesn't have to affect you. I see that you can let it all just happen, and be apart from it. This is something that you can endure if you make up your mind to let what will be, just be.