Weekly Tarotscope: 10.27-11.2

This week's reading comes from my very first, and in some ways my favorite deck, The Vertigo Tarot. This poor thing. It has almost never been used to read for other people. And consequently, I am not familiar with many of the cards in this deck because the same cards have tended to come up for me over and over again these past few months. Therefore, I was really excited to use it today for the Weekly Tarotscope. Let's get to it!


Death. This reading is for someone who has been begging for change. You’re thinking things like “Is it my turn yet? Can I finally get what it is that I need?” because you are seeing great and positive change happen to others around you, but you have yet to get what you have been wishing and hoping for.

King of Wands. This week you need to be wholly embracing your creativity, and your creative control in life. You need to get up off of your knees, and immerse yourself in something that really lights your fire. This is what’s going to get you through while you are waiting for the Universe to deliver on its promises.

Six of Pentacles. An increase in money, even as it seems that you are giving more and more of it away. Accept what help comes to you, in whatever form it comes. Someone might offer you some food that will allow you to save a little money on lunch or dinner. Take it gratefully. Be aware of abundance that shows up in your life in ways other than a larger paycheck, or fewer bills.

Four of Cups. I wouldn't expect to get exactly what you are wishing for, though a change is coming. It might seem small and insignificant at first. The trick is to not get discouraged when that happens. Keep up the good energy, keep positive.

As always, I hope that this is helpful. Love and light.