Crystals, Grids, and Cats

I was skeptical about crystals. It bugged me the way they were classified and pinned down so specifically. This stone will make you lucky. This stone will help you to communicate better. This stone will help you pass your Math test.

Too convenient.

As a kid, I collected a few gemstones and rocks. I had an amazing piece of obsidian that I had actually found out in the woods (yeah, go on and ponder how that got out into the woods in Westchester county...), some tiger's eye, some agates, not much. I really just liked looking at them. Mysteriously, they all pretty much disappeared somewhere in my travels.

Now, with my recent...(whatever-you-want-to-call-this) re-awakening, it has been difficult to not run into articles, discussions, videos, and literature about crystals. I found myself considering them again. It all started with an innocent visit to a local metaphysical shop with my mother. We were mostly oogling tarot cards, but they had a halfway decent selection of crystals. My mother picked out blue calcite and septarian, and as I was looking through the little clear plastic trays I experienced something very new to me. Now, months later, this feeling is very common and recognizable, but back then it was bizarre.

I felt "called to." It's like your eyes and fingertips have magnets in them that hold them to an object. It was a blue apatite stone.

Shortly after this experience I found myself somewhat obsessed with Moldavite. I was reading some weird stuff about it. So I went to a crystal vendor and jeweler about five minutes from my house. He had some Moldavite, so I asked to see it. I held the stone, and felt high. My husband held the stone, and felt sick. I could no longer doubt the very real physical (and energetic) world effect that crystals could have.

Since the Moldavite, it has all been pretty downhill (or uphill!) from there.

So what in the world do you do with crystals? Well, elixirs are one thing which I will have to talk about later, and which work very nicely, but the main use that I have learned about (other than meditation - again, subject for another post) is building grids. 

Here is a grid I built the other day.

See, what I am not skeptical about is energy, and intention. And that's what a crystal grid is. It combines your energy, and the energy of the stones, plus intention, to manifest something. This grid that I built is simple. It's just quartz - a sphere, and some laser points.

What I like about crystals is that in one way, they are a lot like tarot cards. There are set meanings, of course, but the best guide for understanding (and choosing a crystal) is your intuition. This is actually getting longer than I thought it would be, and I didn't really even scratch the surface of crystal grids, so I will have to pick it up another time. 

But before I do that, if you're thinking about building and using grids to manifest something positive in your life, and you have cats, be wary. Some cats will be the bane of crystal grids anywhere and everywhere. Meet Grey.

This is the little guy treating the communal water bowl like a water park. It's not uncommon for me to go pick him up and find him soaking wet.

This is the little guy treating the communal water bowl like a water park. It's not uncommon for me to go pick him up and find him soaking wet.

He has taken down two grids, which I actually think has been a clear indicator that it was time for them to come down, be recharged, or be reconfigured. Anyway, more on crystals some other time. I really just wanted an excuse to post a picture of my cat, a pretty little grid, and some crystal eye candy.