No Weekly Tarotscope today! I don't feel a pressing need, so I am thinking that no one out there is in need of this particular brand of guidance at the moment. (I also have some other priorities tonight, but hey...where there's one excuse, there are more!) That's okay. I want to talk about rainbows.

Also, please excuse any crazy typos in this post. It's hard to type with a 25 pound cat sitting on one of your arms, but he refuses to budge and his warm, fluffy, purring presence is just the thing at this time of night.

So anyway. Rainbows. I've never been a rainbow-kind-of-girl. 

As a symbol, they never really resonated with me. And then, one night after some really intense soul-searching and deep conversations with my husband, I asked for a sign. Should I be working to connect with spirit?

That night I had an incredibly vivid dream in which a beautiful woman, who I somehow knew to be called Titania (I am still on the fence as to whether she was an angel or a fairy or what) handed me a rainbow kite. I thanked her, and instead of accepting my thanks, she said "Thank you." I felt, and still feel, that the kite was permission to develop my abilities. It was pure optimism and encouragement.

It was one of the most beautiful moments that I have ever had in my dreams, which are usually so dark and troubling and disturbing that they're not really fit for sharing. Rainbows have been popping up ever since then, but never one as big as what I am showing you in these pictures.

Can you see the double rainbow? Can you see how the big bright arc comes in front of the trees? My husband and I walked out of the grocery store to this double rainbow framing the parking lot. It was so big. So close. I could have walked to it's termination in under five minutes. We were both dumbstruck, and similarly, other people in the parking lot were staring up at it with their mouths open, too.

Not every "symbol" will resonate with every person. But you'll know when there is a symbol that is meant to be something to you. For some reason, at this point in my life, it's rainbows. I don't see them everywhere, or even very "often," but when I do see them I feel wholly at peace.

What symbol has come into your life?