Weekly Tarotscope: 10.13-10.19

This reading was done with the Pocket Tarot! As always, I hope that this is helpful to someone.


Two of Pentacles. This reading is for someone who is waiting for money to come in. It's taking longer than usual to get paid for something that you are owed. It's stressful. You have to play that game- what if the money doesn't come in? How am I going to get by until I get those funds? Ugh. I feel your pain.

Page of Pentacles. This is not something that you have to deal with a lot - this money-waiting game is tied to something new in your life, something good, or - it will be good if you can just get that money!

The Empress, Reversed. Try not to take it out on your kids and/or family. It's not their fault, and they can't understand, nor should the financial stress be something that they should have to worry about. But you know that. 

The Fool. Don't let this stop you from going forward with your plans. This new venture is worthwhile. 

If the money doesn't show up - don't give up. However, the Page of Pentacles gives me the feeling that the money is coming, and soon. Worrying that it won't come is not helpful, so try your best to believe that it will come, expect that it will come, and get on with life the best you can.