Crystal Clear Purpose: An Oracle for 2017

It's true that there's nothing necessarily special about Dec. 31 / Jan. 1. You can start a "new" year on any day of the calendar. So while this pick-your-reading oracle is being offered to you as a way to help set your sights on 2017, no matter when you stumble across this post I encourage you to give it a shot.

Also, this reading corresponds to a course I'm launching in January. It’s an 8-step blueprint for bringing projects to life. It’s a series of intuitive exercises. It’s spiritual growth support. It’s a crash course on crystals.

Essentially, it’s the alchemy that brings together action and intuition.

So if an 8-week course that taught you how to use crystals to make big changes in your life was something you were interested in…you should get your message from this oracle, and check out the program right here.

Here's how this pick-your-reading oracle works...look over the six images below, each labeled with a number. Whichever image you're drawn to is the reading that you'll scroll down to below. If you're drawn to two images, then write down both numbers and read both readings! It's as simple as that.

You can use the guidance however you like, or sign up for my course with the particular purpose in mind. Whatever you do, do it with your whole heart.







Cause and effect. Give and take. Receiving.

This is the year for conscious creation, and owning your power. This means the “good” as well as the “bad.” You’re ready to receive, now more than ever, which means exercising intention over what you’re choosing to give. Are you in tune with the universe, or do you fear hitting a sour note? This could be the year that you refine your vibration, give something worthy to the world, and receive something wonderful in return.

Supportive crystals: Red calcite, hematite, sunstone



Dreams. Doorways. Uncovering purpose.

There’s a name for what you want, and this year you’ll find the quiet space to hear it. Everything you’ve looked at and searched for up until this point has not been in vain. They’ve been threads that you were gathering to weave into something bigger, and stronger. Purpose can be declared, but it can also be uncovered. This could be the year that you dive deep, listen for your desires, and find the doors that lead to it.

Supportive crystals: Agates (chalcedony), amethyst, celestite



Fulfillment. Energy like a lightning strike. The completion of a cycle.

These are the wide open roads you’ll find in the new year. But first you have a few loose ends to address. Giving those tasks your full attention will result in “rewards” (honest, that’s how it’s coming across) - they may not be exactly the ones you dreamed of, or hoped for, and they may not look as shiny as the word “reward” would seem to imply, but they are, in essence, a recognition of your effort. This could be a year for endings, making way for new beginnings, and accepting recognition.

Supportive crystals: Quartz, selenite, pyrite



Inner harmony. The uniting of disparate pieces. Calm, confident, and at peace.

Your focus is being drawn inward as you step into the new year. When you’re ready for this possibility and you take steps towards finding your own brand of inner harmony, everything else falls into alignment around you. This could be a year for breathing deep, for noticing that fear is nowhere to be found, and for recognizing just how well-positioned you are.

Supportive crystals: Rose quartz, lepidolite, lithium quartz



Passion. Rejuvenation. Rising from the ashes.

Stepping into the new year will be a lot like shedding a skin. The past year has taken its toll. Dusty, bedraggled, spent, perhaps you’ve felt that you have nothing left to give, or nothing left to hope for. We don’t always hit the bottom, but it’s once you’re there that it’s easiest to push off, and return quickly to the surface. This could be the year that you punch fear in the face, and move forward, arm in arm, with your new hopes and dreams. It could be the year your passion is rekindled, and you remember what it’s like to feel alive.

Supportive crystals: Clear quartz, labradorite, hawk’s eye



Releasing. Shedding a shroud. Protection.

If you’ve felt that there are hounds at your heels, and an albatross around your neck, then this is the time to address what haunts you. There’s a saying - Curses only work if you believe in them - and it’s your belief in what helps you and what hurts you that is most ready for adjustment right now. This could be the year that you let go, that you follow your intuition to that core of truth, and you discover what really lurked in the shadows all those years.  

Supportive crystals: Amethyst, clear quartz, fluorite

So, what did you choose? Let me know in the comments!