The Alkonost is the bird of joy in Slavic mythology. An oracle is a medium for divine counsel.

Joyful, soul-centered Guidance is my mission here.

Welcome to Alkonost Oracle.


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"When we were both getting ready to launch coaching programs, Raven and I traded sessions with each other. The session she gave me was unlike any other experience I've had under the coaching/counseling/therapeutic discussion umbrella. Within the first five minutes she blew my mind with this little epiphany, and the rest of the time she just LISTENED to me in a way few people are able to do, as I spilled all sorts of ridiculous things that had been lodged in my heart, because it felt safe to do so with her. Talking to Raven or soliciting her advice in any way -- I've gotten great readings from her when she still did them, and the Spirited Solutions she currently offers are like receiving a to-do list from the universe, which I was also very happy with -- is like the universe is listening to you through her, and then that loving higher power that most of us wish actually existed, but we're not much good at finding on our own, guides you through her. She's a Spiritual Guide. And the reason I love Raven in particular, trust her, and value her so much is her personality, who she is as a person -- kind, nonjudgmental, and with a great sense of humor. Nothing that I've ever run by her has been too ridiculous for her to entertain. And it is entertaining, so we have fun." - AS

"What I appreciate most is the dialogue I have with Raven. She puts 100% into finding out what I need and want and then creates the best pathway solution. I am left with zero doubts that I am heading in the right direction and it is one of the best feelings!" -SK

"I'm so thankful for this coaching! Raven listened well and really understood what I wanted to get from our coaching sessions. She structured our sessions and activities progressively while keeping in mind my fears so I never felt like I was too much out of my comfort zone. And she was there with me every step of the way, talking me through everything, so I felt like I could handle anything! I definitely feel much more confident and I benefited greatly from these coaching sessions. Thank you so much!" - NS


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